“I love the products, I live in Chicago where we have long harsh winters and dry heat inside the buildings, I use the Q10 day cream and Q10 night cream in the winter and my skin feels wonderful.”
D. Simon

“I have been using several Rodica Skin Care products for several weeks and I definitely see an improvement in my skin.  I can feel the rich Collagen Cream work as I apply it helping to keep my skin soft and supple.  The Deep Peeling Cream has cleaned out my pores so my skin glows. The Anti-Aging Ointment Cream that I apply at night has reduced the fine lines and wrinkles so I wake up looking younger.  I am 65 and friend told me I look 48!!!”— Ginny W.

Rodica, a leader in skin care products, is a two time winner of the 5-Star Beauty Designation, awarded by New Beauty Magazine to recognize the latest advances and innovations in the beauty industry. Rodica has also been distinguished by GQ Magazine, CNN, The Chicago Tribune, and many more. Her skin care products use the best natural ingredients such as aloe vera, ginkgo extract, macadamia and kukui nut oils, as well as an array of vitamins proven to help cell regeneration, collagen and elastin production, leading to smoother, firmer and more radiant skin.

“I have used Rodica’s facial skin products for twenty-one months. My skin feels clean, smooth and healthy. A visual affirmation of the use of these wonderful products is the brightness of my skin. I sincerely thank Rodica.”
– Judy Knight

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