I have been using Rocida‚Äôs skin care line for over seven years and I love the products. The products are not greasy, they feel like a part of your natural skin. I live in Chicago where we have long harsh winters and dry heat inside the buildings. The miracle make-up remover is wonderful–I love the silver mask for summer and use the Q10 day cream and Q10 night cream in the winter. I also love the Ginko Kukui mask.

– Debbie Simon

I have used Rodica’s facial skin products for twenty-one months. My skin feels clean, smooth and healthy. A visual affirmation of the use of these wonderful products is the brightness of my skin. I sincerely thank Rodica.

– Judy Knight

I have been using several Rodica Skin Care products for several weeks and I definitely see an improvement in my skin. I can feel the rich Collagen Cream work as I apply it helping to keep my skin soft and supple. The Deep Peeling Cream has cleaned out my pores so my skin glows. The Anti-Aging Cream that I apply at night has reduced the fine lines and wrinkles so I wake up looking younger. I am 65 and friend told me I look 48!!!

– Ginny W.